Monday, 5 January 2015

I'm 25!

Technically I've been 25 for a week now, my birthday is 28th December though so it always goes by in a bit of a whirl with the Christmas celebrations. This year I am feeling incredibly lucky and grateful and I can't believe how much my life has changed in only a year. I was truly spoilt for both Christmas and my Birthday this year and I received more gifts than I've received in years. I worked for the 2 days either side of my birthday and on my birthday itself so it was definitely a low key affair, but dinner at my favourite Mexican with a Margarita (yes just one, wild I know!) was a perfect celebration for me! 

I won't do a post about the gift's I received for Christmas or my Birthday, as although I love reading these kind of post's and being nosey (who doesn't?!) I don't know how I feel about sharing those things on here. I'm sure most of my lovely new things will pop up on here in the near future anyway though. I'm now on a strict shopping ban for January and have sorted out a box for charity and a box for eBay as I suddenly felt like I needed a big clear out to prepare for 2015, now just to get through all the leftover chocolate!

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  1. Happy 25th beautiful lady, and happy new year xxxxxx

  2. Happy 25th :) Those cards are lovely and I'm sure you received some wonderful gifts too.

    Tabby x


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