Sunday, 11 January 2015

2014 in a Nutshell

I love reading everyones round-ups of their year and I think it's a great way of remembering what I did too as my memory is awful. This year I think I will do a monthly round-up with photos of the month and what I've been up to, as I really struggled to think back even though this year has been amazing and packed full with exciting adventures! I always take lots of photos in my day to day life and these usually just reside in my phone or in film negatives strewn everywhere so I will definitely be sharing more of these this year, especially when I get a new phone so I can actually update my Instagram easily.

January - April
At the beginning of the year we house-sitted for Robbie's boss in Alexandria which we loved, as having no housemate and the company of a cat was always going to be a win-win. We spent our first Easter together and went a bit overboard on chocolates, on Easter day we went for lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria and got to cuddle baby bunnies and goats. We visited Taronga Zoo for my first time ever, it was such a fun day even though it was ridiculously hot, we watched the seal show and the bird show and admired the amazing views of the city from the Giraffe Enclosure. We went to Scott and Jane's wedding in Canberra which was truly a beautiful and spent the weekend exploring Canberra. I fell over my own feet on my way to work and ended up in hospital and we got to see Prince Charles and Duchess Kate on the beach in Manly. We were beginning to have problems with our housemate, but aside from that and my clumsy moment it was a pretty awesome start to the year I'd say!




May - August
In May we celebrated Robbie's 25th by visiting Vivid in the city which is when the whole city is lit up on different buildings by different artists. It was really spectacular to see the buildings you pass normally every day lit up in bright colours and lighting up the nights sky, the opera house was crazy with butterflies flying across it in lights. We ate delicious Italian food and drank a lot of cocktails, it really was a perfect evening. We got a new flatmate and bought all of our own furniture for our flat, think sofa, washing machine, fridge etc, grown up stuff but it was our first time buying all those kinds of things so it was exciting for us, but also pretty expensive. In July we took home our little furbaby Mr Biggs who you will have seen already if you follow me on Instagram, I'm biased but he's the cutest bunny in the world. I bought my first ever big splurge designer purchase, enabled by my lovely boyfriend, a pair of Isabel Marant boots half price in the sale, I love them to pieces! At the end of August we finally got to go to Brisbane to spend some quality time with Robbie's family which is always lovely.

September - December
At the end of September Robbie and I got to visit my family in the UK which was the happiest time for me. I miss my mum and my whole family and I was so proud to introduce Robbie to them. Everyone for along so well and we spent 3 weeks of quality time all together which was incredible. We spent 10 days in Devon, a long weekend in London and then another 3 days at my grandparents so I got to show Robbie a lot of the places where I love in the UK. We went to see Boyhood at the Orpheum near where we live in Sydney, and I ate my first choc top, which was a super exciting thing for me on my Australian adventure. We went to see Cirque du Soleil, which is one of the things I've always wanted to do, so I bought tickets as a Christmas treat for Robbie and I. We went to the Finders Keepers Markets which I loved and we saw Kirbee, Kelly and Louise who were all working there. Alice, one of Robbie's sister's stayed with us for a week from Boxing Day which was so much fun, we had lots of down time and ate a lot. My Birthday is 3 days after Christmas and I got very spoilt and ate Mexican at my favourite place Chica Bonita which was perfect. We also got to see a lot of Australian nature towards the end of the year, spotting a tawny frog nose owl, an echidna and nursing a lizard back to life after an encounter with a cat. We spent Christmas in Brisbane and New Year on Robbie's cousin's boat in the harbour in Sydney where we got to watch the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge surrounded by family, it was truly magical and I felt so lucky and grateful. Most excitingly Robbie and I got engaged! After a whirlwind 11 month relationship Robbie took me for a beautiful picnic and proposed with an even more beautiful ring. This year has honestly been the best of my life, I've done so many thing's I've been scared of, I've moved across the world and I've generally just followed my heart.




Goodness me compiling this post has made me realise how disorganised I am with all my photos and has given me a real kick up the bum to get organised! I've loved looking back over everything I've got up to this year, I really like reading personal posts about bloggers and I will try to keep this space a personal one over the coming year.

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