Friday, 11 March 2016


I'm sure I say this every month but February literally flew by and I feel like I achieved very little besides keeping up with work and general day to day things. Hence why I'm posting this mid March, I'm having an internal panic as I type this that we're already mid-way through March?! In February we enjoyed a lovely valentines day picnic, neither of us particularly celebrate valentines day but I had the evening off so it was lovely to just enjoy one another's company. I've been generally feeling overwhelmed with my workload and wedding planning, which I've found out towards the end of the month has been because I've been suffering from a kidney infection for the majority of February. I'm so lucky that I caught it before it spread as I've ended up in hospital for a week in the past as my organs had begun to fail, we're so lucky that we live somewhere with such great health care and I'm finally beginning to feel like myself again now which is awesome. 

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