Saturday, 26 September 2009


I am officially obsessed with barry m nail varnishes, its quite concerning, yesterday I painted my nails turquoise...


Then today I spent the day out with my flatemate camilla and I showed her the heights of barry m as they don't have it in italy and I couldn't resist buying a purple glittery colour called 'once upon a time' which I added on top and I now love!


Also today Camilla and I visited the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington because I really wanted to see the exhibition 'Telling Tales' - Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary design, it was such an amazing exhibition and museum in general I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone, and it was free which is always a plus. The exhibition itself was made up of three sections, the first, which was my favourite was called Forest Glade and included fantasy pieces which all took on natural forms and the music made it sound as though you were outside, my favourite piece from this section was the wardrobe made of hand painted leaves with branches to hang your clothes from...


The next section was the enchanted castle which was more flamboyant with lots of metallic and shiny surfaces. The last section was heaven and hell in which my favourite piece from the exhibition was held, which was a taxidermy of a fox with golden maggots coming out of his ears, the way the exhibition was presented was very original and unique and worked well with the theme creating a dramatic effect which is hard to explain.

In other news I can't wait till halloween, all the costumes and sweets have already started to come into the shops, and I've already decided that due to my love of the Jeremy Scott LFW show i am going to dress up as Pebbles from the Flinstones [:
The hair is just so amazing! I've always wanted to put a bone in my hair and go crimp crazy and now i have good reason to!



Monday, 21 September 2009

do my shoulders look big in this?

Today has been such a fun day, i met up with Claire who i haven't seen in way too long and we went shopping in Portobello Market where we always manage to find some good things. I bought a cameo necklace and a watch necklace and we ate at a really nice grill on a terrace above the street. It was good just to catch up and spend a day relaxing, we also browsed the Selfridges underwear department for ages in awe of all the amazing things they have up there.
Whilst browsing the shops searching for the perfect Balenciaga or Balmain - esque pieces as i am still obsessed with both of these labels at the moment i found some amazing leggings in Oasis, where i never usually shop which i hope to buy just as soon as i find myself a job.
Im off to joshes tomorrow and I'm hopefully going to get the photos developed which i've been busy taking over the last few weeks so I'll upload them soon.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

london baby!

Okay so i just moved into my halls of residence in New Cross, London, which will by my new home for the forthcoming year which is very very exciting!
My room is very small and very bland and boring however i am in the process of organising my things and trying to make it a bit more exciting and i'll post pictures when thats done...
I have six housemates who are all very nice, theyre all so diverse, from spain, belgium, italy, korea and the uk.
Ive been so busy ever since ive moved in catching up with old friends and of course making lots of new friends.
Today I met up with Tom one of my favourite old friends...

(A picture I took of him for my final major project earlier this year)

We had such a fun day today we found an amazing creperie near soho and we ate there which was so good and then we looked in lots of vintage shops and he bought me the most beautiful cupcake which was from the most adorable shop on carnaby street which sold cupcakes in almost every flavour imaginable. I chose the blueberry and yoghurt flavour mainly because it had a huge ice cream sweet on top...


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