Monday, 21 September 2009

do my shoulders look big in this?

Today has been such a fun day, i met up with Claire who i haven't seen in way too long and we went shopping in Portobello Market where we always manage to find some good things. I bought a cameo necklace and a watch necklace and we ate at a really nice grill on a terrace above the street. It was good just to catch up and spend a day relaxing, we also browsed the Selfridges underwear department for ages in awe of all the amazing things they have up there.
Whilst browsing the shops searching for the perfect Balenciaga or Balmain - esque pieces as i am still obsessed with both of these labels at the moment i found some amazing leggings in Oasis, where i never usually shop which i hope to buy just as soon as i find myself a job.
Im off to joshes tomorrow and I'm hopefully going to get the photos developed which i've been busy taking over the last few weeks so I'll upload them soon.

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