Wednesday, 16 September 2009

london baby!

Okay so i just moved into my halls of residence in New Cross, London, which will by my new home for the forthcoming year which is very very exciting!
My room is very small and very bland and boring however i am in the process of organising my things and trying to make it a bit more exciting and i'll post pictures when thats done...
I have six housemates who are all very nice, theyre all so diverse, from spain, belgium, italy, korea and the uk.
Ive been so busy ever since ive moved in catching up with old friends and of course making lots of new friends.
Today I met up with Tom one of my favourite old friends...

(A picture I took of him for my final major project earlier this year)

We had such a fun day today we found an amazing creperie near soho and we ate there which was so good and then we looked in lots of vintage shops and he bought me the most beautiful cupcake which was from the most adorable shop on carnaby street which sold cupcakes in almost every flavour imaginable. I chose the blueberry and yoghurt flavour mainly because it had a huge ice cream sweet on top...


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