Monday, 11 May 2009

i'll undress you with my eyes

Soo Josh came down last night which was absolutely lovely, it was a really short visit but well worth it, last night we just ate a meal together and relaxed and today i organised a surprise picnic and we ate a roast dinner in the evening, it was nice to have a break from cramming college work with boring shifts at work.

Ohhhh and he bought me one of my favourite presents everrrr!! Kat Von Ds book about her tattoo shop and autobiography and loads and loads of pictures! I love it...


This is me the other day with my new feathery headband on which i love so much! its so cute...


And this is another of my black and white 35mm self processed and developed photos, this time its of Taylor Joshes nephew whos the cutest in the world.




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