Monday, 8 September 2008

nothing lasts forever, except you and me

Gosh, i've only been living in my new house here in Newton Abbot for 5 days and it already seems like a million years, and a million miles away from everyone i love. Biffy Clyro is all I want to listen to at the moment though which is why I used one of their lyrics as the title for this.

I feel like i should pick up where i left off because otherwise this won't make any sense at all, but i haven't made a post in a while due to the fact that i don't actually have internet access at the moment and im having to use my sisters laptop to write this.

Well the trip to Oxford was definitely fun. Olly drove me there which was fun, i didn't realise Oxford was so close though, it only took 40 minutes, which was awesome and i'd never been to Oxford before and it seemed really nice. As soon as i got there my boy was outside, and after helping carry various band equipment things into the pub we went upstairs where the Strategy were already setting up and preparing to sound check. Although not many people actually watched the show, and despite it being in a tiny room above a pub which serverly lacked oxygen it was a really cool gig, mainly due to the bands playing being old friends, and new friends and it just being really friendly and nice. Anyway both bands played well, the Strategy were good as it was the first time i'd seen them since they've had a bit of a switch around with their members and i got some really good photos of both bands.

Saturday involved a lot more packing, then getting ready to go out, a lot of drinking then meeting with a lot of friends to go to a gig in wycombe, with both the Strategy and the Claytons again, who i love, and lots of friends, most of which it would be the last time I saw them for a while, including Evie, Chester and Morgana. The night was fun if not a bit uninteresting, then we went into Wycombe to the Antelope, of course, but it wasn't very interesting although i got to say goodbye and catch up with a lot of people which was nice, I then stayed at Joshes house for the last time in a while which was sad, and i miss his mum, dad and dog Lily.

The Sunday before I had to leave was probably the most difficult day, goodbyes are always hard, and even though I'm not moving ridiculously far away it's just a complete change. I had people visiting me all day in between which i had to finish my packing which, of course, I'd left until the last minute.

I had to say goodbye to Claire, which was one of the most difficult as we've grown so close, expecially over the last 6 months. We've shared so many memories over summer, most memorably our trip to Bournemouth, and as she'd just got back from her holiday we also had a lot of catching up to do. Sophie was another difficult person to say goodbye to as shes more like a twin to me than she is a friend and we've practically lived together for the last years.

I said goodbye to Emilie, who i've only met in the last year but who quickly became my best friend at college and who i have so many memories with, she always makes me smile and makes me laugh all the time. Laura, my oldest friend, who I've been friends with for 15 years and lived within walking distance from for all that time also came round to say goodbye. I'm still finding it weird not being able to just call her and go to her house for a catch up - its her who i have the most memories with and shes always there for me no matter what.

I also said goodbye to Boy, whos my one of my best boy mates, and i miss him so so much! even though hes absolutely bizarre he makes me laugh so much. Although hes already planning to come down and see me so I won't have to miss him for much longer. I'm so excited. I also said goodbye to Tom, my other best boy, however hes going to Plymouth university in the very near future so i won't be missing him for much longer. I also managed to spend some time with both Duncan and Charlie, who are both complete babes.

Finally, and definitely the most difficult, i had to say goodbye to Josh. Having spent so much time together for over a year we're closer than ever, and the thought of leaving him broke my heart, the week leading up to the sunday i was an absolute emotional wreck, however by the time sunday came along i realised it was fate, everything happens for a reason, and it was just something i had to do. I've now realised that although i miss him ridiculously every day its definitely making our relationship stronger and he's coming to visit me on the 28th of this month because thats our 1 year anniversary and i absolutely can't wait.

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