Friday, 11 March 2016


I'm sure I say this every month but February literally flew by and I feel like I achieved very little besides keeping up with work and general day to day things. Hence why I'm posting this mid March, I'm having an internal panic as I type this that we're already mid-way through March?! In February we enjoyed a lovely valentines day picnic, neither of us particularly celebrate valentines day but I had the evening off so it was lovely to just enjoy one another's company. I've been generally feeling overwhelmed with my workload and wedding planning, which I've found out towards the end of the month has been because I've been suffering from a kidney infection for the majority of February. I'm so lucky that I caught it before it spread as I've ended up in hospital for a week in the past as my organs had begun to fail, we're so lucky that we live somewhere with such great health care and I'm finally beginning to feel like myself again now which is awesome. 

We finally caught up with modern society and subscribed to Netflix in February, and now I don't know what we ever did without it. We have become completely addicted to Making a Murderer and whenever Robbie has been out I've been binge watching Gossip Girl and I'm already well into season 2. It's so nice to be able to have something on in the background whilst I'm getting on with either housework or wedding planning, which seems to be what February has mostly consisted off aside from work.

Save the Dates. Our Save the Dates went out in February which was beyond exciting, the design and creation process with the wedding stationery has been some of my favourite parts of wedding planning so far. I'm extremely lucky to be working with some Kirbee Lawler and Louise Mulhall to get some truly original wedding stationery. I'm now looking at getting our invitations out ASAP and lots more of the finer details of wedding planning so I can begin to really get on top of things. 

We've signed a contract for at least another year in our unit so I'm planning on making lots of small changes around the unit to make it much more 'me', I'm thinking I might do a series on here about how to make changes to a rental unit on a budget. I'm planning to sell the majority of the furniture in the lounge and start over with a minimal mid-century vibe but on a budget. Anyway we will see how I go, with the very little time I have on my hands, but I would love to do a series on interiors as it's something I'm very interested in.

I have been obsessed with watching youtube videos for absolutely years, but recently I've become addicted to The Michelaks. I've been thinking that I should start my own youtube channel for a long time, as I love creating and image making but its just something I've never gotten around to. I like the idea of documenting our life in Australia and also for something that my family and friends can watch from overseas. Lets just say watch this space, I don't want to set myself any unrealistic goals but I really want to spend more time creating in the next few months and see where it takes me. 

We're currently enjoying some much needed time off and having our first family road-trip with Ozzy. I've got nine days of work which is quite literally unheard of for me and we've gone from Sydney to Crescent Head to Byron to Biddeston and we're now in Brisbane. I've been filming parts of the road-trip so I hope to make my first video about our family holiday and exploring all of these magical parts of Australia. The pictures for this post is of Robbie's auntie's farm which is just the most relaxing and beautiful place in the world, there are so many beautiful flowers and butterflies not to mention her 19 miniature cows. Seriously can I just move there tomorrow and escape city life once and for all?!

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