Monday, 14 July 2014

June Favourites

This is my first favourites post, as I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly I think posts like this help me with inspiration and give me recurring posts I can plan for. I really enjoyed thinking of what I've been enjoying this month and looking back over the month in general. Life is pretty busy at the moment and things haven't been the easiest recently, but positive thinking and the addition of a new furry family member who I will blog about soon, has really helped me with my happiness.

1. Filling my apartment with plants, I recently picked up 3 new succulents and a large indoors fern for our beach home. Plants just fill the place with life and add some colour to our mostly neutral home. Picking up new things for our home is one of my favourite things. 

2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, I'd run out of this a long time ago, and it's my miracle fix for everything! Chapped lips, dry skin on my nose when I have a cold which at the moment seems constant and sunburn are just some of the things I reach for this magically cream for. My lovely boyfriend treated me to a new tube and the familiar smell just makes me a very happy lady.

3. My Michael Kors watch, I've linked a similar style as I've had this watch since my 21st birthday and I'm not sure if this exact one is still available to buy. Since my move to Australia, for the first 6 months I was still living out of a 20kg suitcase, I've now gradually started expand my belongings and my mum has been lovely and sent me packages of my favourite things from home. I missed this watch so she kindly sent it over and it's barely been off my wrist since. I love mixing metals and this piece just adds something luxe and classic to my basic day to day outfits.

4. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum, I have just been introduced to Jurlique and I will write a post with my first experiences of the brand, as I picked up three products on my first visit. I was looking to increase my skins hydration and this serum has worked really well. It's an all natural product and smells divine, I apply it once or twice a day before moisturiser and after cleansing and I noticed improvement straight away.

5. Mac Cremeblend Blush in Posey, I lived here for 7 months before purchasing any new make-up, and I didn't even have a blush with me. But now the temperatures have dropped and my complexion has paled, I needed a blush to warm up my cheeks. This blush is perfect as it creates a natural dewy colour to my cheek after contouring. I checked the Mac site but can't seem to see it, so not sure if it's discontinued.

6. Blistex MedPlus for Lips, I have sworn by this lip product for years and I've been addicted to it this month as my lips have been super chapped. It has that tingley feeling which I really like and really does improve the condition of my lips whilst being very affordable too.

 7. Multicoloured Sweet Popcorn, I have been horrified to find that at Australian Cinemas only sell salty popcorn! I have been craving sweet popcorn and these are truly sweet goodness, and the colourful appearance obviously just makes me love them more!

8. Alex Monroe Baby Bee Necklace, this is another of my all time favourite jewellery pieces sent over from the UK by my mum, I really enjoy collecting pieces that I just fall in love with and this is definitely my all time favourite. It's just so charming and makes me happy every time I wear it!

9. Garnier Intensive Hand Cream, I was working full-time in hospitality for 5 or so months and my hands really suffered, this hand cream has been the best I've tried so far, I love the smell and it soaks into the skin really quickly and leaves my hands feeling moisturised all day with one application.

10. Izola Lavender Candle, I bought this candle as a gift for Robbie on his birthday, and it's the most relaxing beautiful candle I have ever burnt. The packaging and the jar are just amazingly designed and look incredible and the scent is perfect!

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