Friday, 18 July 2014


I have spent very little money on make-up and skincare throughout the last 8 or so months. However I think skincare is really important and with a lack of routine and just general neglect my skin was beginning to suffer. I had heard a lot about Jurlique on blogs and social media and since it's an Australian brand and I now live here in Australia I was really keen to give it a try. I also love their ethics of natural products that aren't tested on animals!

My experience in the Jurlique store on George Street in Sydney was really great. The lady who served me was really nice and friendly and seemed like she really knew what she was talking about! She showed me lots of options, gave me lots of free samples and wasn't in the least bit pushy. She gave me a great introduction to the brand and the smell of the shop was divine.

I went into the store because my skin has been really dehydrated recently and I was running low on moisturiser too so I was looking for some advice on how to keep my skin hydrated. I got to try a lot of products, I'm not used to using such floral smelling products on my face and I wasn't sure whether I would like it, but now I have them at home and I've been using them for three weeks or so I am really enjoying them and have noticed the difference in my skin.

 Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream - This is probably the richest moisturising cream I've ever used but I really feel like it protects my skin well against the wind and cold weather. At first I wasn't sure about the rose scent on my face but now I really love it, and it doesn't live my skin feeling greasy so I can apply make-up on top.

Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum - I was recommended this to help with my skins hydration. I apply this once or twice a day after I have cleansed my skin and my skin definitely feels more healthy and hydrated now that I've found this product. It smells quite fresh and not to floral and its very lightweight on the skin.

Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum - I'm starting to get worried about wrinkles as I am coming up to my 25th birthday and after moving to Australia where my skin is more likely to be affected by the sun. I'd really like to start early and I've been looking to try and eye serum for a while. This is the only eye serum I have ever used so I have nothing to compare it to but it feels cooling and luxurious on the skin and I enjoy using it.

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