Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful #1

These days I really appreciate little things that can instantly brighten up your day, and I don't depend on retail therapy for that moment of instant gratification. Being conscious of my positivity and trying to be kind every day has really changed my life in the last year or so, and the smallest of things can put a smile on my face. This weekend I unexpectedly had both days off work due to a mistake on the roster, I really made the most of my weekend despite awful weather and things not going at all to plan!

1. Rainbow Lorikeet's visiting us on our balcony. Sunday afternoon, after having a relaxing morning going out for breakfast and a walk, these cute fellas came to say hello, they were really tame and very greedy! They ate bread out of my hand, I love all animals and it really made me smile having such beautiful birds on our balcony.

2. Seeing Winterbourne play in Pitt Street Mall. There are often some amazing buskers playing outside Pitt Street Westfields in Sydney, but this band always catch my eye and their upbeat folk style music and their energy always makes me hang around for their whole set and never fails to put a smile on my face.

 If you like folk style music and you're a fan of Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard, Johnny Flynn and that style of music it's definitely worth giving these guys a listen, Steady my bones is my personal favourite song.

3. Filling my flat with fresh flowers. I'm spending quite a bit of time at home at the moment, due to Mr Biggs being a baby and me focusing on doing things that I want to do and working closer to home. I really enjoy spending time at home and in the coming weeks I will be posting some recipes as cooking and baking is something I really enjoy spending time doing.

I love reading these kind of personal posts, let me know what you think and tell me what makes you happy!

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