Saturday, 19 July 2014

Meet Mr Biggs

For me, home is never really home without the pitter patter of tiny furry feet. I've left my beloved cats, Pebbles and Barney, at home with my parents in Devon so here in Australia I'd really been noticing the void with no furry friends around. It didn't take us long to decide to take home Mr Biggs, he's an 8 week old Netherland Dwarf cross Miniature Rex bunny. He has a milky coffee coloured coat with grey front feet and a white spot on his nose with grey around it. He really is the most beautiful bunny I have ever seen. 

He is a housebunny, he has a hutch which he sleeps in at night which is in our lounge-room but whilst there's someone at home to supervise him he has the run of the whole room. We bunny proofed it slightly and set up a litter box in one corner and he loves running around and hanging out with us! 

As you can see, having Mr Biggs in our life has made it essential to vacuum on a daily basis, as he loves to spread his hay far and wide  and also can't control his poops yet. He pees in his litter box (mainly) and he's super friendly and not nervous or scatty as some rabbits can be. We bought him from a rabbit breeder, who breeds them for their miniature size, colour and tame personality, she was a completely mental bunny lady but obviously handled him a lot as he is very relaxed around us!

I mean look at his teeny tiny rabbit arms, I just can't stop watching him constantly and feel guilty when I leave him at home, which makes being productive pretty difficult. I already can't imagine my life without him and it's safe to say Robbie is completely smitten too.

 photo Scan29_zps22ea7d95.jpeg


  1. Oh what a gorgeous little bunny! Such beautiful colouring too :) xx

    1. Thanks for checking out my post Natasha! He really is a darling isn't he! xoxo


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