Friday, 27 March 2015

Jo Malone Perfume

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this perfume yet! I received this as a Christmas present from my lovely man and it was quite literally love at first sniff, and I am super picky about fragrances. I tend to stick to Jo Malone fragrances these days, the other one I own is English Pear and Freesia which is almost all gone now. I just feel as though their fragrances smell natural and I love the simplicity of their packaging.

Jo Malones description of the scent is top notes of Ambrette Seeds, heart note of Sea Salt and base note of Sage. I'm not very good at describing fragrances, I don't like anything too sweet or too floral, pretty much anything strong or overpowering I'm not a fan of. This one is quite unisex smelling to me, very woody and fresh, and blends well when worn with my English Pear and Freesia scent. It has a very sophisticated, almost masculine vibe to it which I love. 

If you haven't given this one a smell already I would head to your nearest Jo Malone counter as it really is a beautiful scent. I can't wait to try more of Jo Malone's offerings and maybe even branch out onto other perfume brands. Woah there, that may just be a little bit too crazy, but I'm seeing these Byredo Parfums everywhere at the moment, again they're in lovely packaging and I can't wait to get down to Mecca to give them a whiff. 

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