Wednesday, 4 February 2015

January Favourites

January has gone by so quickly and I feel like I haven't been half as productive as I should have been, in February I really must stop procrastinating. It's been a pretty unexciting month as far as beauty products are concerned as I really have been sticking to the same make-up and beauty routine, which I will share with you soon, but these are the products that have been my essentials. I'm trying to use up a lot of the products I've had for a while before I buy new ones, being quite strict with myself, as it's really not that important to me to buy new products all the time. 

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face SPF 30. I bought this product randomly in the supermarket because it was on offer and I'm really trying to apply SPF on my face every day to keep sun damage at bay. I've been wearing this all month and so has Robbie and we both really love it, it blends in sheer and sinks into the skin quickly without it feeling greasy, and it hasn't caused either of us to break out. It's really affordable and easy to get hold of and I really recommend it for anyone with spot prone skin or who doesn't want the white cast to their skin which often comes with SPF.

2. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo. I didn't realise when I was coming up with my January Favourites that two of these products where by Neutrogena, it isn't a brand I usually reach for but evidently this month I can't get enough. My scalp is really sensitive and I often get a sore, itchy scalp, I'm trying to wash my hair less often in an attempt to grow my hair and this shampoo has been a miracle worker for me. Within three washes my scalp felt completely back to normal, no more soreness at all and I'm now using this every 2 or 3 washes just to keep the itchyness at bay. 

3. Banaban Coconut Oil Extra Virgin. I have been on a quest in the past year or so to live a more minimal, natural lifestyle in every way, and introducing coconut oil into my life has been amazing. It really does have so many uses, I will do a separate blogpost on all of the ways which I use coconut oil, but in January I have really loved putting it on mosquito bites to stop them itching, and also massaging it into my scalp and leaving it in overnight to help my sore scalp and encourage hair growth. I must literally smell like a coconut 99% of the time but I love the smell and I can't believe I haven't known about all the uses for coconut oil until recently.

4. Maybelline Brow Drama. This has literally made my eyebrows look so much thicker, in a way that I never thought a brow gel could. I can't describe how this gel makes my eyebrows look fuller but it really does, I can notice a huge difference when I don't wear it. My eyebrows are naturally quite sparse and I'm always envious of girls with lovely thick, full brows and this is a miracle product for me, I literally apply this alone to my brows and it really polishes off my very basic make-up looks and gives me much fuller brows.

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