Friday, 20 February 2015

Inspiration and Ideas

I'm always inspired by things I see online, whether it's recipes, interiors, beauty, pretty much anything, who isn't? I'm going to do these round-up's regularly as a way of collating all of the things that have been inspiring me recently and hopefully to inspire you too.

(Dress, Shirt, Shoes, Jeans, Shirt)

1. Spell and The Gypsy Collective Island Boho Collection. I have been a fan of this brand ever since I've lived in Australia, it really encapsulates the beach vibes both in Byron Bay and the Northern Beaches, where I live. Every collection they release they just seem to get better and better, and I can't even begin to describe my love for their lookbook's. Their images, their styling and their choice of models just makes you want to runaway to a desert island, drink coconuts and swim with dolphins! I can't get enough.
2. 70's vibing. I am loving the Saint Laurent 70's vibe which has been everywhere at the moment, I love a bit of nostalgia and mixing grunge with bohemian vibes, so the 70's is perfect! I really want to be brave and try some new shapes and silhouettes, I feel like my style has gotten so boring in the last year and a half and I really need to mix it up. I plan on investing in an amazing A-Line leather/suede skirt (either this or this) and some flared jeans (maybe these).
3. The majority of my wardrobe is black, white and grey at the moment, and I'm looking to inject a bit of colour over the next few months. I'm thinking deep rusts, khaki greens and camel hues which a touch of lavender shade, keeping in line with the 70s vibe which I'm loving.

(top row - Bless the Weather, bottom left - From Roses, bottom right - Live Simply)

1. Bless the Weather. This blog is a pretty recent discovery and it's fast become a favourite, I love Siobhan's approach to life and of course the beautiful images on her blog. Her honesty is really endearing and I love the variety of post's which she shares. There is just something very real that comes through in her blog which I really like.
2. From Roses. Rebecca's blog has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now, and I always look forward to reading her posts. I feel like her blog has developed so much over the past year and has grown with her, I like how she's begun to share more personal posts as well as beauty, style and interior offerings too. Her personal and interior style is impeccable and her photo's are always on pointe.
3. Live Simply. I can't believe I have only discovered this blog this week, so many of the ideas which I have wanted to do to live a more healthy, natural lifestyle are on this blog. I cannot wait to try making all of my own home-cleaning products (I'm weird, I know!) and documenting them on here. Kristen really is inspiring in her approach to life and clean, simple living and her blog is really concise.

( Gypsy - W.T. Norbert, Flower - Jamie Kirchen, Calligraphy - Floralovely Calligraphy)

1. Workshops. I am loving the idea of learning new skills at the moment and broadening my creative horizons, currently I'm not working in a creative field so I need to keep creating and improving my skills. I'm attending a Floralovely Calligraphy course tomorrow afternoon which I'm really looking forward to, and I'm interested in booking into a Macrame workshop too. I also want to book lessons in Photoshop and digital photography just to stay up-to-date and on top of my game.
2. A new tattoo. I've promised myself that after a gruelling past year dealing with visa applications and the stresses of moving to the other side of the world that this year I am going to spend more time and money on myself. When I lived in London getting tattooed was a monthly occurrence but in the past year I have only managed to be tattooed twice. I have my eyes on getting a gypsy girl piece by W.T. Norbert and some black pieces by Jamie Kirchen, who both work at Hunter and Fox, my favourite Sydney tattoo studio.
3. Dogs. Robbie and I are so broody for a dog at the moment, we spend hours looking at photos and videos of puppies and would really love an English Bull Terrier in the future. At the moment we live in a flat so it's not ideal for a dog, just Mr Biggs is enough, but we really can't wait to expand our little family and welcome a puppy into our brood!

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