Friday, 13 February 2015

Empties #1

It's a new year and throughout January I have attempted and failed a shopping ban, but I have been making a conscious effort to use up some of my beauty products in a bid to narrow down my collection and focus on the products I truly love. I love reading empties post's and it's a good way to clarify what you like, what you don't and what you will repurchase. Besides, there's not many things more satisfying than getting to the end of the product and clearing more space in your collection. One of these products is a regular repurchase for me but all of the rest are the first time I've tried the products.

1. Bushman Plus Personal Insect Repellent. I absolutely love my life in Australia, but one of the things I struggle with is mosquito bites. They seem to be really drawn to me and I react pretty badly when I'm bitten, which is every night if I forget to coat myself in repellant. I'm always trying new ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay, this one really did work but it is pretty stinky. No doubt I will buy this again as it's really easy to get hold of but I prefer ones that are less smelly. 

2. Banana Boat Sport Coolzone SPF50+. Another important past of life in Australia s SPF, it so important to protect your skin especially in the fierce sun here in Australia. I have had to get used to wearing SPF not only on my face but all over my body every day during the Summer here. This sunscreen sprays clear and really is cooling on the skin, it sinks I'm easily and is great when you're in a rush. The only two issues I have with this product are its aerosol form, which I do worry about the environment with aerosols, and the price, for the amount of product and how quickly this gets used  it does work out really pricey! 

3. L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Black. This is the one product out of this bunch which I repurchase every time, this year I've made a pact with myself to branch out and try out some new mascaras. Whp knows what I may be missing it on when I've stuck with this product for more than 2 years now! I love the applicator on this mascara, it's synthetic and small so it really picks up even the smallest lashes and is great for the lower lashes too although mind always end up transferring. It'd very lengthening and separating and I really can't recommend it enough if you haven't tried it already!

4. The Bodyshop Brow and Lash Gel. Just look at the state of this product! It's truly disgusting, it was a very well loved product however I have to lay it to rest, it's great for setting your brows in place and helping your brow product to stay in place all day. It's a really versatile product as it's clear so can be used over any brow product or on lashes as a natural lash look. This is a great product I would recommend if you have thick brows which need taming or you like a natural brow/lash look. 

5&6. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. These were my first Bumble and Bumble purchases and these tiny bottles lasted for a really long time! They are definitely worth their price tag in my eyes, they were really lovely to use, a little went a long way and they smelt really nice. I can't wait to try more Bumble and Bumble products, I would love to hear your recommendations of what to try next!
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