Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Finders Keepers 2

Now for my favourite photos featuring some of my beautiful friends and family. I am so lucky to be surrounded by creative friends in both Sydney and London, they really are an inspiring bunch. I'm especially lucky to call such clever independent business ladies my friends in Sydney, who have welcomed me ever since I moved here and whose work I have admired for years now. Kirbee Lawler and Kelly White (The Storybook Rabbit) are my lovely crafty Sydney friends who had stall's at Finders Keepers and Louise Mulhall (Floralovely Calligraphy) is my beautiful sister in law who is lucky enough to work at all the Finders Keepers events. I've also saved my favourite seller from the markets for this post too and lots of lovely photos.

First of all how cute is Miss Kirbee? Her outfit was so lovely, silly me I didn't get a full length shot but the colours were so beautiful and she looked happy and adorable as always. Her stall was stocked full with prints, brooches, vintage postcards, plates, and lots of other lovelies. I'm lucky enough to own one of her prints and some brooches and I gave a print to Robbie's mum for her birthday and she was totally in love with it so they really do make perfect gifts. 

I love the bunny print with the bee on her ear, I have a soft spot for both bees and bunnies so I have a feeling this will be the next beauty to adorn my wall. Check out Kirbee's instagram for daily posts of drawings, vintage and of course Beatrix bunny and check out her etsy where she's uploaded of all these goodies incase you missed out on visiting the markets.

My other gorgeous crafty Sydney friend is of course Kelly White of A Storybook Rabbit, whose plates were absolutely adorable. She had gone all out for the markets with plant pots and crockery galore on her stall. I finally got to meet her lovely boyfriend Trev and managed to catch a cute photo of the two of them as well. Kelly's outfit was amazing, a kind of 50's Hawaiian look which obviously I loved.  Check out Kelly's instagram for daily photos of her enviable dress collection, bunny Juno and frenchie Wilfy, and get onto her etsy quick smart to pick up the pieces which she didn't sell at the markets! 

My lovely sister in law Louise works at all the Finders Keepers Markets doing various jobs throughout the day, Robbie and I decided to surprise her on Friday evening as she didn't think we were able to make it. We found her in this sweet little Fruit Stall selling paper fruit, as you do! She's another very talented lady, she runs her own calligraphy business Floralovely Calligraphy, check out her instagram for daily posts featuring her beautiful work. If you're interested in doing a few creative workshops next year also follow her on instagram as she's doing lots of workshops around Australia next year and will be posting dates up very soon, I will definitely be attending the Sydney workshop.

 Okay finally, (if you've got this far thank you so much for reading) is my favourite stall at the markets, I fell in love with these little fellows at the last markets and seeing them again reinforced my affections. Its Julie's Little People, she makes these cute little guys from a mix of vintage and new fabrics and they all have little names and personalities. I don't know how you can not love them, they are simply adorable and next time I see them I'm getting one to call my own.

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