Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Finders Keepers 1

I just love the Finders Keepers markets, it's one event that I can't think of anything similar to in London and it just has an amazing feeling to it. I always try to support independent businesses and artist's and this event makes it super easy, with selected sellers all under one roof you can browse at your leisure whilst tasting delicious food and drink too! There's live music and such a wide variety of stalls it's easy to pick up all your Christmas presents in one hit. I'm splitting this into two posts so I can share with you all my photos and my favourite stall holders.

Now the first mention has to be to Frankie Magazine, I have long been a fan of this beautiful zine, and it's my dream to one day have my photos grace their pages. They play a huge part in the Finders Keepers Markets and many of the stall holders regularly feature in their issues. Their Tombola had a huge queue on Friday night and of course their whole set up was super cute.

Now the second stall I have to mention is one which I remember from the last Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney and thats JukeCase. Their retro music playing suitcases caught my eye as soon as I saw them and I have been lusting after one ever since. They are made in Australia, their sound quality is incredible and they're battery powered so they're completely portable! I can't think of a better gift for a music loving loved one especially since their battery lasts 40 hours at top volume. They are pricey but completely worth the price in my opinion, each one is unique and they would make such a great talking piece in  your lounge room too. 

Bespoke Letter Press is another stall which I always make sure I pay a visit to. Their cards are so lovely and as a big stationery fan this stall is a must visit! I really loved their set up this time around, their stall really stood out with all the vines and fairy lights everywhere. If you're looking for wrapping paper, gift tags or cards this really is the stall to visit for unique pieces. 

I loved the Allpress coffee van! Such a retro look which fitted in perfectly with the market vibe, who wouldn't love a delicious coffee whilst having a browse.

A stall which caught my eye which I haven't spotted at the markets before was this awesome jewellery brand MetalHead Handmade Heavy-Inspired Jewellery. Now I'm a jewellery collector and I love anything silver and handmade. I never buy costume jewellery as I like to collect beautiful crafted pieces that I know will last forever, so this brand perfectly fits the bill.

I hope you enjoyed reading this photo-heavy post but I really wanted to share with you some independent businesses which I love and a glimpse into the Finders Keepers Markets. My next Finders Keepers post will feature my three favourite ladies, Kirbee, Kelly and Louise and also my favourite seller from the markets Jule's Little People

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