Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Easy Mince Pie Recipe

Making Mince Pies before Christmas has been a tradition for me ever since I was a little girl, I remember always looking forward to baking with my nan. I would love eating the little pies and always put pastry stars on top. I only like homemade mince pies, I never eat shop bought ones, and last year I didn't make any so I missed out. This year I was determined to start my own tradition to continue making the mince pies, so my niece Violet got involved and we made this crumbly shortbread pastry version which turned out to be completely delicious. 

You can check out the recipe here, I wasn't precise with the measurements and I didn't make my own fruit mince and they really were beautiful. It was great fun cooking with a Violet, she really enjoyed kneading the dough and rolling it into little balls. 

You can expect more recipes from me in January as cooking and food photography are things I really enjoy! Let me know if you like reading these kinds of posts and I'd love to see your festive baking and cooking. 

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