Friday, 16 October 2009

Forever young

I'm loving the Jay-Z and Mr Hudson version of Forever Young... I'm such a geek. Oh well, all I want at the moment is the perfect pair of winter boots, preferable ankle boots with a buckle... not too over the top though, I'm struggling at the moment to find them... cant decide whether to get these ones or not?


Anddd looking for a Russian hat, I absolutely wish I was Russian! Haha. Today I've realised a pet hate to add to my collection... people wearing drop arm tshirts/vests with ugly bras beneath, if you're going to do the underwear as outerwear look then at least have some nice lace underwear to show. I'm glad that although I have absolutely no money my main priority is to by Paris Vogue [:




Can't wait to get this magazine. Also I'm learning French so I'm trying to get into more French magazines, films and music...


1 comment:

  1. buy the boots!!
    and my computer just spontaneously combusted so i can't for the life of remember who took the pictures, but i will try and find out for you :)


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