Thursday, 16 October 2008

my heart is out at sea, my head all over the place

This week so far has been so dull. Times really beginning to drag, i just want to get home to see everyone. I have so much to look forward to at the moment though which is really exciting, the next couple of weeks are going to be really really fun. At the moment i'm most looking forward to seeing the mighty boosh with sophie at Brixton and being back with my boy. Also going to see you me at six at the Phoenix in Exeter is going to be so so good, their new stuff is actually really good, its equally as catchy as their previous hits but also has more meaning and sounds a lot more grown up. Im loving it!

I really need to think of more photoshoots to plan out though, im thinking of perhaps doing a halloween themed shoot, because i love halloween, taking some self portraits dressed as minnie mouse outside, possibly some on the beach too. I also really want to start experimenting with more landscape shots and try learn some more techniques for post production which im really not very good at currently. When i get my mac which im saving up for im sure i'll be able to teach myself better editing skills. And of course when i go back home i will be taking a lot of photos of my boy and friends to adorn my room and keep me happy.

I really need to stop internet shopping and looking in magazines because its actually so so depressing! Again im hoping to work this weekend but theres just no guarantee and im so in debt and fed up with not being able to buy anything nice. Although having no money is definitely making me broaden my horizons when it comes to getting dressed in the morning and i've also properly customized my first vintage item, which was the skirt i posted before which i've now cut off the bottom part so its a cute short skirt which i wore to college and got so many compliments so i was very proud of myself. I'll post a picture when i take one, perhaps tomorrow.

I really need to upgrade my flickr account but for the time being here are some of my favourite pictures which ive taken recently [: (my main inspiration recently has been the 60s mainly because ive just always loved everything related with the 60s and ive recently bought a retrospective book of andy warhols work which i love, and of course minnie mouse for always and i think im drawn to anything red, its bizarre)

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  1. i love the new photos of chloe in the coat, she looks so yummy!


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