Thursday, 9 October 2008

its one thing to fall in love and another to make it last

Golly i haven't written on here for far too long. This is going to be longggg. Basically, I've started college and I'm actually loving it, which is really very surprising because I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed school / college. I think the main reason is because for the first time I'm only doing things which i am truely interested in and which I want to be good at. I have college four days a week which actually isn't too bad because I get a three day weekend because my day off happens to come on the monday, which is always a good thing. My class is really nice and i get on with most of the people which is also a surprise. I've already made some really good friends who keep me going, mainly by skipping lessons and hanging out in starbucks reading magazines.

The main thing i dislike about my course is the serious lack of sleep i have to endure, since it takes me an hour and a bit from me leaving my house till i arrive at college in the morning, which means if I want to look even vaguely presentable I have to wake at 6.30am. An absolute killer! But at the moment leggings and american apparel tshirts are my saviours, when i don't have time to consider what to wear in the morning i shove them on with some exciting jewellery and cute ballet shoes and manage to maintain a somewhat decent look.

Two weekends back Boy and Claire came to visit me which was amazing, we had such a good weekend and they were the first people to see my new house which was really exciting. When they arrived, really late on the saturday night, I had prepared them a lot of food, including pizzas and curly fries and we literally stayed up till 2.30am just catching up. Then on Sunday we went to Paignton where we visited the beach and went on the pier, where i realised that i was very unlucky, due to a crazy experience with a fortune teller and lucky charms which I don't have the time or the patience to type out. We also shopped and ate chips which was fun, we got home and drank a lot of rose wine and ate chinese take out and watched one of my favourite films ever, the notebook and i actually managed not to cry which I'm still proud about.

Then last weekend it was me and Joshes 1 year anniversary so he came to visit me. He arrived late on Saturday night because he had to work in the daytime and catch the train in the evening, I had planned out exactly what we would do on the weekend and bought him gifts for our anniversary. When i waited for his train to arrive at the station it was really weird, because we'd been apart for longer than we ever had before I was excited and had butterflies but I also felt almost awkward like our first date all over again. But as soon as he got off the train I was just so happy, we hugged forever then went home and ate take out indian because thats one of his favourite foods. I showed him around the house and he gave me my gifts, he got me the new dress from the kate moss collection with the ruffles and leaf print which i adore and also the sex and the city movie. I love him. I realised just how much i missed him that weekend, just having someone to cuddle up to in bed and keep me safe, his smell just his company. On sunday we went into Exeter and shopped which was fun, Josh bought a cute shirt and tshirt and we ate lunch at wagamamas which was awesome as i've really begun to miss green tea and noodles. In the evening we ate sunday roast which was lovely, our tradition, then we ate mango sorbet and baked alaska ice cream and watched the sex and the city movie which was absolutely amazing, I loved it. On monday we went to a farm and learnt how to feed hedgehogs and groom a pony, it was really sad when Josh had to go home, i was emotional pretty much throughout the weekend just because i knew i had to let him go again and I can't bear to be apart from him. Its only been just other a week since he left and it already seems like a million years ago. i'm counting down till i get to see him in two weeks when I go back home to visit everyone for a week which I'm so so excited about.

In other news in a week I'm going to see Jose Gonzalez at the lemon grove in Exeter with some friends from college which I'm really excited about which is why i have his lyrics as the title to this blog as I've been listening to it a lot recently.

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