Monday, 13 October 2008

i've been roaming around i was looking down at all i see

This weekend i was actually really excited to start work for the first time, so i was waiting for the call from work on friday afternoon to ask me to do some shifts over the weekend but it never came so i'm still poor. which is absolutely rubbish, but on the bright side my grandparents are over this weekend so its actually been really nice to spend time with them.

Yesterday we went to Totnes which was actually really nice, i've never been there before but it was really cute, there were tons of organic type shops which were nice and also i found a really cute vintage shop which got me really excited because i was struggling to find nice vintage down here apart from charity shops. Even though i have no money i managed to persuade my mum to buy me a black netting vintage skirt, like an underskirt but im going to wear it with leggings. I'm also planning on wearing it on halloween with a polka dot american apparel leotard because im dressing up as minnie mouse [:

I've also spent a lot of time this weekend internet shopping, surprise surprise and ive found some new flats i want from topshop, i think i may even like them more than their monochrome chanel-esque quilted pair... they're velvet which i love and called mercedes which i love and have a chain around the ankle! perfect!

In other news, this is my new bed, i absolutely love it! it's like a princess bed and its so so comfortable. just a little lonely on my own because its so big ]]: princess loves it too.

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  1. katie you may aswell dress up as minnie mouse every day
    you may aswell BE minnie mouse


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