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Wedding Inspiration #1

First of all a disclaimer, I do not want this blog to become a wedding blog however, I do want it to be a fair representation of myself and my life and right now I am so excited to be engaged and thinking about planning a wedding. I've never been the girl who has dreamed of getting married, but now that I've found my man, and he's Australian, I'm really looking forward to planning our wedding to bring both of our families together for the first time. There are so many sources of inspiration online for every aspect of planning a wedding, it's such an exciting time to be getting married, we won't have the hugest budget so I look forward to lots of DIY projects and trying to make the wedding a reflection of us both.

(photo from Hello May Magazine by Nick Evans Photo)

Inspiration Sources
What's great about planning a wedding in 2015 is the sheer amount of inspiration available for us brides to be. There are so many blogs, Facebook pages, Pinterest pages, websites and magazines dedicated to planning your big day, and filled with beautiful photographs to fill you with excitement and inspiration. Here are a few of the places I've been finding inspiration recently.
1. Rock n Roll Bride. I have followed this vibrant blog and their Facebook page for years now and my has it grown! I love that this site represents the more quirky and unusual brides, often with tattooed and bright coloured hair, and also weddings of all budgets. I was really excited to see that they have released their first print magazine issue, which my mum sent me in the post bless her!
2. Hello May. This is a magazine fairly new to me, check them out on Instagram, their website and Facebook page. They are an Australian print magazine featuring beautiful weddings from around Australia, I always fall in love with each and every one of the wedding's they feature, and their website includes a handy directory of recommended vendors.
3. Love My Dress. I predominantly follow these guys on Facebook but they also have a website, they feature creative and artsy UK weddings which are always packed full of inspiration. They are often budget friendly, and Love My Dress always features bridal designs and gives brides to be a heads up of any sample sales or offers which may be happening.

Hello May Issue 5 cover, RocknRoll Bride 50s American Wedding, RocknRoll Bride Flamingoes and Sunflowers wedding.

Wedding Photographer
As a photographer myself I think one of the most important things about planning my day is booking the right photographer to be there on the day. Robbie and I rarely have our photo taken, and it will be the first time all of our family has come together so I really want the day to be documented beautifully so we can look back on the photos on for years to come.
1. Ellie Gillard. Ellie was the first photographer who's work I saw and thought 'thats my style', this was about three years ago, long before I'd even met Robbie let alone begun planning a wedding. I met her whilst I was working in a cafe in London and back then she was just starting out, she's now a pretty well established and successful wedding photographer as far as I can tell! Her work has the documentary style which is exactly what I want for our wedding photos, and I love looking through her work as so many of the weddings she photographs are so British. Check out her facebook page too.
2. Stories By Ash. When I first saw Stories By Ash images in Hello May magazine I was instantly convinced that this was the photographer for us. Based in Australia and with beautiful fine art photojournalistic images, often set in countryside Australia featuring stories of whole wedding days and including all the little details. Her images have a real cinematic feel to them which is something I'm really drawn to and in my opinion pretty rare, she really is a talent. I love that she shoots in both digital and film too. 
3. Holme Street. I first discovered the lovely Chrissie on instagram and I was instantly drawn to her images, and let me tell you finding a wedding photographer when you're a photographer yourself is really bloody difficult. I emailed her and got such a lovely response which is always a good start. She's pretty new to the game compared to Ash and Ellie but her casual photojournalistic style is right up my alley! 

Ellie GillardMelissa and Xavier by Stories by AshEllie GillardLizzie and Duncan by Stories by AshHolme Street (Clockwise from top left)

Wedding gowns.
For us ladies choosing our wedding dress has got to be on of the most difficult decisions whilst planning the big day. It's also a pretty exciting prospect to be able to try on lots of beautiful dresses whilst making the decision, but I'm also really nervous as I'm not much of a dress wearer usually. I've got a rough ideas of styles I like, however I will probably completely change my mind after I've tried some on, but definitely no strapless puffy dresses here!
1. Rue de Seine. I think I first spotted this brand in an advert in Hello May magazine, and after clicking onto their website it was love at first sight. Their gowns epitomise everything which I want my day to be like and how I envisage myself looking. I've long been obsessed with the pre-raphaelites and imagined myself in a sleeved lace gown with a high neck, and they have so many options which tick all of those boxes. They're a New Zealand based company and my favourite bridal gown designer I've found to date, their website styling is on pointe with the green floral accents.
2. Daughters of Simone. I stumbled upon this gorgeous New York based dress company on Etsy whilst having a look at vintage gowns and accessories. Their dresses have that very bohemian vibe about them which I love but they also have a slight 70s American edge which makes them different from other designers. I imagine their dresses to be from Californication or Charlies Angels. Whats not to love?!
3. Grace Loves Lace. I found this gorgeous Australian company on Instagram, they have a huge following and rightly so. They gowns cater for the bohemian brides and would like right at home in both a country setting and for a beach wedding too. I imagine their gowns with long flowing hair and bare feet, they don't look too heavy so would be the perfect dresses to dance the night away! They offer so many styles it's so difficult to pick a favourite, and they're definitely the most affordable out of these three and I love that their dresses are made from french lace anything French sounds so luxurious and romantic.

I would love to know advice from anyone who is married already about wedding planning, and I would love to hear if you are engaged and about your wedding plans.
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