Thursday, 27 November 2014


I don't even know where to begin on this beautiful camera, I have been wanting this camera for years now, and after many eBay disappointments and upsets I'm beyond excited to call this one my own. The lens (45mm F2 if you're interested) I have had for well over a year now, but I've been waiting for the perfect body to come up on eBay. My beautiful man kindly bought me the  body as our year anniversary present and it couldn't be a more perfect gift for me.

I will be shooting on this camera over the next few weeks so when I have some rolls back I will post them to show examples of the beautiful images this can create. If you are interested in 35mm photography you will have no doubt heard of it already as it's a pretty popular camera and so many photographers whose work I admire use this camera. I managed to get one in really great condition and couldn't help taking some photos of it as I'm so excited to get using it.

 photo Scan29_zps22ea7d95.jpeg


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