Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pennywell Farm, Devon, UK

Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon was the first farm to breed miniature pigs, and they're a must see if you're an animal lover visiting Devon! I have visited Pennywell Farm countless times as my family live near by and I just cannot get enough of the teacup pigs. They have piggy cuddle times when you can cuddle a tiny miniature piglet, it really doesn't come much cuter than these little guys. They are world famous and took nine years to breed, you can buy them if you have a livestock license and £800 to spare.

If miniature pigs aren't your thing (I find it hard to believe that anyone would pass up the chance to cuddle a teacup pig!) then I really wouldn't recommend visiting this farm as they are definitely the main attraction for us adults. However I'm also really into birds of prey and their bird show is always good as you can get really close to endangered British birds of prey. Today they flew a Barn Owl and a European Eagle Owl, both were so beautiful and I love finding out more about British wildlife.

 I love most animals so I also really enjoyed feeding the goats and sheep. The alpacas looked as though they were smiling which was pretty hilarious and the reindeer where just beautiful! It was a pretty damp day but we made the most of it, sadly its my last day in Devon tomorrow and I'm definitely going to miss it.


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