Monday, 1 September 2014

My tattoos part 1

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 with my boyfriend at the time in an awful tattoo shop on a local high street but it wasn't until the last 3 years or so that I have really started my tattoo collection. I know a lot of people are hesitant about putting photos of their tattoos online as many people do copy other people's tattoos, but I am going to share them with you anyway. If you are looking to get tattooed it is good to have a look around for reference images and for artist's, but copying someones tattoo exactly is obviously really not a good idea as it should be personal to you.

I have 17 tattoos in total, so I will divide them up into maybe 2 or 3 blogposts with individual photos of each tattoo and then at the end I will include shots of my legs and arms as a whole so you can see what they look like all together. I know tattoos aren't to everyones taste and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and what you do with your own body should be completely your decision. This butterfly on my shin is one of my favourite tattoos, the placement just below my knee is perfect and I think the shape and the colours are really feminine but still in the traditional style which I like. It's by Josh Sutterby who was working from Kids Love Ink East at the time. I generally don't find tattoos on my lower leg too painful and this one didn't take too long. 

 This beautiful lady is another one by Josh Sutterby when he was working at Kids Love Ink East, i really wanted a traditional gypsy head girl with butterflies incorporated and this is what he came up with. I love the detail and the colours and her eyes are just amazing. She's one of my bigger pieces and she takes up most of the side of my right calf.

This cute little black kitty is a tiny little piece just above my ankle from the lovely Amy Savage who works at Jayne Doe in Essex, UK. He's my second piece from Amy, the other will be in my next tattoo post, and I got him done on a charity day in the shop so the money I paid for him went to a local animal hospice. He was a very spontaneous addition but I love him. 

 Mr Biggs was feeling left out of the photo taking activities so he decided to try to get involved, the cheeky little thing. Maybe I should get a rabbit tattoo so he doesn't feel so jealous.

 This was one of my first colour tattoos and is on the back of my leg right above my heel, it was a based on a drawing by my beautiful friend Katy-Leigh and is her eye in a heart. It was by Scott Pullin who was working from New Tribe in Brixham in the UK at the time. I like the idea of all-seeing eyes for protection but didn't want it in the traditional style. I love the colours and especially now I live so far away from Katy-Leigh this is a lovely reminder every day.

Lastly for this post is this adorable little sparkly shell on the back of my knee by the incredible Lauren Winzer who works from Hunter and Fox in Sydney. I had been looking forward to getting a tattoo by Lauren for a year or more and she was the first person to tattoo me here in Australia. Her style is incredibly unique and this shell just represents my new life here by the beach. Now if you're considering getting a tattoo on the back of your knee, it is a painful spot but its worth it I think.

I will try to get the next couple of tattoo post's up soon, where I will include full shots of my legs and arms and also a list of tattooist's I would love to get tattoos by in the future as the list is as long as my arm!

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