Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wedding Planning Update: Feeling Overwhelmed.

I've been feeling relatively calm and organised with regards to wedding planning up until this evening. Since I booked our venue, celebrant and photographer pretty early on I was feeling pretty pleased with my progress, however now I realise how much thought and time really does go into the smaller details.

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Although I can't say that it's always been my dream to get married and I'm not a particularly girly girl, I am extremely sentimental and I really do care about the finer points of our wedding day. I have always been very particular about every aspect of my life and a bit of a control freak so this is only accentuated with the importance of our wedding day. Since the day when we began to speak about getting married long before we were even engaged we both had a pretty strong idea of the kind of day we imagined for our big day. Neither of us are religious but we both are quite traditional with our beliefs about marriage and it is important for us that the day is low key, and relaxed but with the emphasis on the beginning of the rest of our lives spent together and bringing family together from across the globe.

I will talk about the aesthetic that we're aiming for in another post but pulling together a whole wedding as well as working 60+ hours a week is proving to be pretty difficult, and although our wedding isn't until September I don't want to leave things until the last minute.

What makes our wedding a little bit more of a task to organise is that I have 10-20 guests coming from the UK as well as 2 guests from Taiwan so theres helping out with accommodation and also planning my families 4 week trip around Australia on top of the wedding planning. I feel as though January flew by so quickly I didn't get half of the things done I had planned to, so this month I really need to get our engagement party locked in, as well as organise music and furniture for the day and finalise plans with the vendors we have booked already.

On the bright side we finished paying for our photography last month and it feels good to have at least one thing completely paid for, I will write a post on budgeting for a wedding although I am by no means a pro, but we are attempting to stick to a relatively tight budget. Also our Save The Dates have been sent out and ours arrived in the mail this morning 'To the Bride and Groom', I am obsessed with stationery so being involved in the design of all of the paper aspects of the day is one of my favourite things. I will dedicate a post to our Save the Dates as they were designed by my good friend Kirbee Lawler and hand lettered by my sister-in-law-to-be Louise Mulhall.

Have a look at my Pinterest Board if you're interested in weddings or are planning your own, and any advice at all would be much appreciated!

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