Saturday, 6 March 2010

I hate you.

But somehow I love you at the same time. Mixed feelings.

I have no photos to upload at the moment because I was ill so didn't get into the processing room :( hopefully next week...



  1. Hi Katie,

    I am starting up a new blog, on the side of my other one (kisses and cross stitches), called fanciful photography. I want to feature my favourite photographers - a selections of their photographs, with a small bio and interview, and links to your website/blog/flickr. I would love it if you would agree to be one of my featured photographers!

    If this is okay, I would just email a few questions for you to answer. You could pick which photos you would like me to use, or I would use my personal favourites (or a mix of both)

    Please let me know soon


    Emma Lavelle

    fanciful photography

  2. I find Taylor rather annoying. Hopefully she's just going through a phase.


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