Saturday, 30 August 2008

clean up your eyes

Golly i've been so busy this past week i've barely stopped to think about whats going on. But yes, i've decided to start a blog because i'm preparing to move to Exeter and i thought that by keeping an online journal of what im getting up to with photos and such everyone at home and at uni will still be able to know what im doing.

I've been thinking a lot during the preparations for the move and its going to be really weird. i've lived in the same house for as long as i remember and i've made so many friends and i have so many favourite places that i don't want to leave, but then again the idea of moving seems like an adventure to me and i'm a little excited, as well as ridiculously sad and sentimental about leaving everyone i love.

i've managed to meet up with the majority of people who i love already this week but i have so many more people to see over the weekend so its going to be really hectic. Yesterday was a really nice day, Boy helped me to clean my car, well basically cleaned my car while i watched and attempted to make myself useful, then it was me and joshes 11 month anniversary so we got a takeout, i got chinese of course [: and watched thirteen, which i'd already seen but i really like.

Today i've met up with Evie, did a bit of a laid back photoshoot in good old Beaconsfield and managed to draw a lot of attention from the oldies and now im preparing to catch my boyfriends band playing in Oxford, which should be fun.

The quote is from one of my favorite bands at the moment, the Dykeenies, who i've been lucky enough to see pay twice this summer, once at Underage Festival and again at V Festival in Chelmsford.

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  1. I'm going to miss you katie mabey!! :( we will have to stay in contact, adn i will come and visit you!!


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